UPDATED 1/6/24

MARCH 20-24, 2024

Four Days of Hockey: Thursday through Sunday afternoon.

Social Events Every Day!

Palm Trees, Pools, Parties, Hockey, and lots of Sun in March!

All games take place at The Berger Foundation Ice Plex at Acrisure Arena



BUT! We are looking for a few "A" level players to complete a local team.

Email: palmspringsgayhockey@gmail.com if you are interested.

The following teams will participate in the tournament:

Chicago & NYC Flamingos (Competitive)

Toronto Misfits (Competitive)

Coachella Valley Bighorns (Competitive - multi-city team)

Coachella Valley Yetis (Competitive)

Boston Pride (Recreational)

Vancouver Cutting Edges (Recreational)

LA Blades (Recreational)

Minnesota Blue Narwhals (Recreational)

Minnesota White Narwhals (Recreational)

San Francisco Earthquakes (Recreational)

Coachella Valley Roadrunners (Recreational)

North America Coyotes (Recreational - multi city team)

*Recreation teams will be split into two conferences with one final.


Coachella Valley Pride Hockey is a non-profit sports organization.  In an attempt to ensure your funds go toward the tournament and not to payment processors we prefer payment by check or e-check for team payments.  Checks can be written to CV LGBT Hockey and mailed to 77779 Saint Augustine Drive, Palm Desert CA 92211.  Here are a few options for deposits or individual players.

Pay with credit/debit card.