You Can Play

Hockey is for Everyone

Why do we form LGBT+ sports organizations? Why is there a need for such a thing? Sadly, the truth is that homophobia and transphobia does exist in our communities. Many of us feel that we live in a place where people can do or play whatever they want and while we have an amazing and strong LGBTQ+ community in the Palm Springs area, we are a diverse collection of nine cities within one broader community. As an gay parent of a straight child I have seen the impact of homophobia in our schools and sports teams, I have seen exclusion from sports and the damage it does to people young and old. This still happens in the Coachella Valley school districts and sports leagues today. That is why we need LGBTQ+ people to stand and be advocates for our athletes and our youth.

As the Coachella Valley welcomes professional hockey, leagues and teams will begin to form here. The Coachella Valley LGBT Hockey Association is coming together to ensure hockey organizations in the Coachella Valley live to the tenets of the NHL's mission of "Hockey is for Everyone" and the important work of the "You Can Play Project". Challenging a culture of homophobia and transphobia in sports starts with visibility and while waving a pride flag or showing the pride colors is important, it is not enough.

Our Mission is to introduce hockey to the LGBTQ+ community and enjoy the great game of hockey in a safe and inclusive space. We are also committed to being a resource for other hockey leagues or teams to help educate players, coaches and parents. We will also challenge homophobia and transphobia and ensure that hockey truly is for everyone.